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Education and professional training

  • 1976-1983 study of medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
  • 1987-1991 researcher DFG-group "psychobiology of perception", LMU Munich
  • 1992-1999 assistant professor, Department of Neurology, LMU Munich (Prof. Brandt)
  • 1999-2001 visiting scientist, associate investigator: Cognitive Neuroscience Section, NINDS, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md, USA (Dr. J. Grafman)
  • 2002- associate professor, Department of Neurology, LMU Munich (Prof. Dieterich)

    Adrian Danek holds a permanent position as Professor of Cognitive Neurology at the University of Munich. In addition to routine clinical work as an attending physician and to teaching obligations, he runs a dementia outpatient clinic with an emphasis on genetic dementias and non-Alzheimer types, in particular the progressive aphasias (as a member of the German frontotemporal lobar degeneration network).

    Adrian Danek is also an expert on neuroacanthocytosis (NA) and had initiated and organized the first ever international conference on the topic in 2002 (see Danek A, ed. Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes. Dordrecht: Springer; 2004. 310 pages) that has been followed-up by several further meetings (see e.g. Walker RH, Saiki S, Danek A, eds. Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes II. Berlin: Springer; 2008. 321 pages). An 8th meeting takes place May 2016, in Ann Arbor (

    From 2010 to 2013 Adrian Danek has coordinated the ERA-net network EMINA (European multidisciplinary initiative on neuroacanthocytosis; and has set up a web-based patient data base with the European Huntington´s Disease network to achieve trial readiness for NA patients in spite of their world-wide dispersal ( EMINA-2 (, led by Andreas Hermann, Dresden, is a continuation of EMINA.

    Together with the Munich University Center for Neuropathology and the Advocacy for Neuroacanthocytosis Patients ( he offers a Western blot for chorein determination in blood samples. This free diagnostic tool so far has been used for >600 patients seen by physicians from all inhabited continents and has confirmed a diagnosis of chorea-acanthocytosis (ChAc) in about 30% of the cases (see also, April 2016 issue).

    Within the international neuroacanthocytosis collaboration (“EMINA and friends”) he helps distribute biosamples such as blood among basic scientists and has collected brain tissue from 12 international ChAc patients, preserved by the Munich University Center for Neuropathology for further analysis.

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